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Mounting bed

Production of prefabricated bed!

VIDEO:Assembly instructions.:

Upute za montažuUpute za montažu

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Cone packing for christmass tree

8. studeni 2016. u 12:20 : Multi purpose house

Multi purpose house

21. rujan 2016. u 9:48 : Solar power plant  - SE LIM-MONT I

Solar power plant - SE LIM-MONT I

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AAA - credit rating excellence.

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D&B DUNS-Zertifikat

29. lipanj 2015. u 8:41
Lim-mont d.o.o. besitzt ab 11.07.2013 das D&B DUNS-Zertifikat. : Elements of plastic!

Elements of plastic!

3. travanj 2015. u 11:53 : Special offer

Special offer

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NEW!! Goods from compensation!
NEW!! Goods from compensation! : New office space

New office space

2. svibanj 2009. u 0:00
LIM-MONT d.o.o. has moved into a new office space at the same address (opposite the old facility). All phone numbers and contacts have remained the same. The previous office space is currently under reconstruction. We would appreciate if you could contact us at the new location. : EN ISO 9001:2000

EN ISO 9001:2000

21. travanj 2009. u 0:00
LIM-MONT d.o.o. from Vrbanovec has shown that it can compete with the world leading manufacturers of chimneys and sheet metal panels, as well as with other product lines. : LIMOPOR EPS


17. travanj 2009. u 0:00
In order to keep the heat inside a building, i.e. to reduce dissipation of energy, we use different thermal insulation materials. : Automated PU panel production line

Automated PU panel production line

27. kolovoz 2008. u 0:00
After several months of installation and trial use an automated sheet metal polyurethane insulated panel production line has been launched.